SONY DSCHeavy Handed came down about three weeks ago and since then my time my time has been mostly focused on packing.  I’ve decided to move back to Brooklyn, New York at the beginning of January, and although there are a lot of overwhelming feelings that come along with that I do feel excited about the decision.  The move is causing me to consolidate and deal with stuff I don’t want to deal with.  As I shuffle through the works I’ve tucked away over the past two and a half years I start to realize how much more I actually make than show. I’m not sure how I feel about that, it seems kind of necessary to create a lot and then pick the best to show. The question becomes what do I do with all this extra work? Particularly unfinished paintings or works I care less about; work I will probably never exhibit. In a moment like now, where I only want to bring the bare minimum to New York due to little space, it feels more important to weed things out and maybe roll up the larger works I did in graduate school…

Not having very much space in New York is another factor I’ve been wrestling with in my head. I won’t have a studio to start off so I’ve been thinking about how I can streamline my practice. I’ve been pondering the idea of making a new animation based on the prints I’ve been doing recently, or even simplifying that idea a step further by making gifs. A gif a day was a thought, but I’ve actually never made a gif, so I don’t know how reasonable an idea that is.

Thanks again to all the people who came out to Heavy Handed.  The show had a really positive response and feels like a good conclusion to my time at the Vermont Studio Center.  I’m attaching a couple pictures from the reception below. Also, I recently updated my website with a lot of the work from the show  Lastly, to all my friends and acquaintances living in New York I’m in the process of looking for employment.  I’m hoping to find a gig as an artist’s assistant, which is something I’ve been doing over the past year for the artist Dusty Boynton.  I’m also interested in doing some art handling and/or teaching if the opportunity arises.  If you have any leads I’d love to know. Thanks!


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