IMG_1481Yesterday I flew to Rome, Italy – I’ll be spending the next six weeks here TAing in painting for the Rome Art Program.  I’m excited to be here, and already love it.  Recently I’ve been feeling like I don’t feel particularly drawn to any American cities, and don’t know where to live next in my life, but it feels really good to be in this city.  I love how contemporary society exists and integrates itself around such ancient architecture and ruins. Last night I went to a party at the German Academy, tonight I walked to the Pantheon, sat by a fountain, watched the crowd and drew a little.  Tomorrow we’re off to Florence for the day.

I’m expecting the trip to give me many ideas. I left my studio with 36 fresh oil ground panels which I’m looking forward to approaching when I get back.  IMG_1478IMG_1479

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1 Response to Rome

  1. Love the look of these! Absolutely striking and it must have been nice to skip all the gem. I painted 10 Wraithguard with the gems and it was the most tedious thing I’ve ever painted. Anyway, I have a online auction house for painting so if you want you can upload your work here..oil paintings for sale online

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