Gelnn Goldberg & Alice Notley

This Fall I’ve been very busy exhibiting my paintings.  It felt nice to have my final opening of the season for my solo show, Fantasms, at the Gallery at Burlington College this past week (open through November 27th). Thanks to everyone who came out for the reception!

Since then I’ve cleaned my studio and started to have some time to think, read and feel new ideas start to seep in.  Last night I went to an artist talk by Glen Goldberg at the Vermont Studio Center.  This is actually the third time I’ve met him over the past couple years, but this time his paintings seemed to sink into my psyche more than they had in the past. Formally, there simplicity seemed related to pop art to me, but they have a vulnerability that prods at some kind of emotional psychology in the viewer. They’re made with a certain sensitivity, and Glenn’s ability to articulate his feelings about the work had a sincerity that embraced uncertainty and ambiguity, which I really liked.

I’ve also recently been reading some poetry by Alice Notley. She’s going to be a visiting writer at the Vermont Studio Center later this month.  I wanted to share this excerpt I found the other night from “The Decent of Alette.” It touches on some things I’ve been thinking about in painting.

“In a station” “I saw” “a woman crying” “She stood against” “the wall” “looking dirty” “& exhausted,” “crying quietly” “I asked her who she was” “& why” “she was crying” “She said: ‘I” “am a painter” “I have been trying” “to find”

“a form the tyrant” “doesn’t own–” “something” “he doesn’t know about” “hasn’t invented, hasn’t” “mastered” “hasn’t made his own” “in his mind” “Not rectangular,” “not a sculpture” “Not a things at all–” “he owns all things,”

“doesn’t he?” “He’s invented” “all the shapes” “I”m afraid he’s” “invented mine,” “my very own” “body” (“she was hysterical”) “Did he invent me?” “I want” “to do something like paint air” “Perhaps” “I even want to” “invent air” “I’ve

painted” “thin transparent” “pieces” “of plastic” “They–” “the pictures on them–” “always turn” “rectangular,” “circular” “I once painted” “on bat’s wings” “I caught a bat” “painted colors on” ‘let it loose &” “watched the air change…”

“He owns form,” “doesn’t he?” “The tyrant” “owns form”

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