Old Masters

I got back from Madrid, Spain about three weeks ago.  It’s taken me awhile to get back into the swing of my studio life.  In fact, I haven’t been painting at all. I find myself reading, socializing and drawing in my sketch book more than anything, all while having a nagging feeling that I should be making paintings in the studio. (Agh! That obligatory should.)  I’d like to think that not painting will eventually result in some kind of fruitful period of making; that it’s important to give yourself time to think and breathe- but as it’s happening I struggle to believe this.  In general I’ve been thinking a lot about belief, and how over the span of my life my own beliefs have changed or slowly been dismantled through the experiences I’ve had.  Painting almost feels like a last ditch effort to believe in something…(More on this eventually.)

While in Madrid I did a lot of drawing from old master paintings.  When you sit and draw a painting for two hours you really realize how much there is to see.  It’s almost impossible to see everything, but it totally enriches the viewing experience and gives you a new perspective on work that I might have otherwise overlooked. Below are some of my drawings along side the original paintings I drew from.

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2 Responses to Old Masters

  1. Hi Austin,
    Just a few thoughts. Love your sketches. I can see using the composition of The Annunciation with your figurative work. Those bulbous figures that were taking on their own stance. The contrast between the fixed composition of the masters and your human like shapes would be an interesting contrast.

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