Internal Scaffolding

I’ve been doing these funny little sketches at night on these small square panels that my friend Arista Alanis gave me. I rarely do quick paintings, but I’m enjoying the spontaneity, and exploratory quality of them. I’ve been drawing these out with charcoal on the panel first, like I draw in my sketchbook, and then filling them in with formal kinds of things in mind, like color. The forms and their constriction feel similar to my other paintings, but I’ve been experimenting with a different kind of painting language than I’m used to.

After finishing these two last night I was staring at them for a long time and thinking about the flatness of this ribbon that wraps the form.  There’s no rendering to indicate a change in the direction, the ribbon only shows form through the changing of it’s direction around the edges.  In looking at the center, where they weave in and out of each other, they really flatten out and it reminded me of a rickety old roller coaster, like the Comet out on Coney Island.  In looking again I started to think that maybe instead of the ribbon only wrapping the form, it could also act as an internal scaffolding- like we’re seeing an internal view of a persons brain, or subjective self. A visual representation of wonky structures, which we create through experience, to uphold our version of the world. This isn’t the first time that the idea of scaffolding has made it’s way into my work, so conceptually it was nice to see it unintentionally reappear. It was a good moment where my memory and visual perception changed how I looked at the painting and morphed into an idea outside of my original intention.

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