Iridescent Colors

I started up painting again in the studio today after about three weeks of not finding the time.  The new year has started of kind of at a low point, plans fell through, altercations with people I care about, etc.  But restarting in the studio feels good.  I actually find it funny that sometimes if I take time off from the studio and come back I have all this fresh energy and the painting seems to come out of me a little easier. It’s like beginners luck or something.

I started off today mixing color, which is how I usually start- I always find it a little easier if I have a lot of options out on my pallet.  Usually I stick to six colors in my pallet- I’ve had this pallet for at least ten years and it’s served me well, I’ve learned a ton by really getting to know those colors.  A couple months back I added some new colors for the first time, and I noticed a brighter luminosity about my work after that, but in general the pallet hadn’t changed that much. Today I decided to take a different approach.  My friend Sophie Aston, who was a resident here at the Vermont Studio Center for the last three months left me a box full of tubes of Old Holland and Williamsburgh oils (for those who don’t know, these are pretty high quality paints).  It was a very generous gift! But it’s also had all these colors foreign to my pallet.  I particularly took interest in the iridescent ones- which I had started thinking about experimenting with after the last Kim Dorland show I saw a couple months ago at Gallerie Division in Montreal.  Anyway, it feels exciting to have opened up my pallet in this way and feels like I’ve granted myself a little more freedom.  Be sure to check out Sophie’s paintings, she’s a wonderful painter.  Below are a couple images of her work, she also did some awesome collage while she was here that aren’t on her website yet.     

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2 Responses to Iridescent Colors

  1. Timothy Burgher says:

    I love the messy tubes of paint. I always like seeing tubes of paint. My friend and his girlfriend were painting Christmas ornaments and seeing all the tubes of paint got me all excited. Awesome hand and hourglass thing. Don’t press too hard or you’ll run out of time!

  2. paintlater says:

    Fantastic! I treat myself to one tube of Old Holland Lemon Yellow every now and then. Beautiful paints..go wild! Australian artist Idris Murphy who I know uses a lot of irridescents.

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