I’ve been mostly working on one painting recently.  I was thinking about the many stages it’s been through, and realized that I stretched this piece of canvas in 2006 during my first semester of graduate school.  I thought it might be interesting to lay out the progression of images I’ve taken of the piece over the years.

Chuck Webster was our last visiting painter here at the Vermont Studio Center, seeing his talk and visiting his studio while he had paintings in progress really helped me to understand the amount of time and layers that went into his work. This seems to be something I think about a lot; all the moments that get revised and somewhat lost behind the surface of a painting.

This is the painting in its current state…

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1 Response to Progression

  1. Galen Cheney says:

    There are many paintings beneath the painting that eventually gets to be called “the painting.” I’ve come to realize that those different stages, though not visible, are essential steps that take me from one place to another in the work as it moves toward being that thing it eventually becomes. No secret there.

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