Film Festival

I mentioned a little while back that I was accepted into the Brownfish Short Film Festival, and am competing for best animation.  The festival is this coming weekend, November 12th and 13th.  To all my friends and acquaintances in the greater New York metropolitan area, I would love some support during the screening of my film.  Apparitions will be screened on Sunday the 13th, below is the screening program, and theater address.  You can buy tickets for the festival here.

SCREENING PROGRAM 1  SATURDAY 11/12/11  3 PM runtime 141 minutes (order T.B.A.)
Drone, Animation 18 mins. Directed by Harrison Heller
The Crocodile’s Wife, Animation 7 mins. Directed by Jody Cleaver
Golden Ears, Animation 5 mins. Directed by Jonathan Rosen
It Was A Tuesday, Documentary 19 mins. Directed by Jennifer Casriel
Angela’s Garden, Documentary 16 mins. Submitted by Matthew O’Connor
Another Day Another Life, Drama 5 mins. Directed by Rohit Gupta
The Peak and the Pit, Drama 13 mins. Directed by David Lee
Departures, Drama 12 mins. Directed by Ali Y. Akarcesme
Squeeze, Comedy 6 mins. Directed by Will Goodfellow
Thomas Jefferson Lives, Comedy 18 mins. Directed by Stephen Cognetti
…With The Lights Out, Comedy 10 mins. Directed by Taylor Armstrong
We Met Online, Comedy 12 mins. Directed by Yingqian Wang

SCREENING PROGRAM 2 SUNDAY 11/13/11  3PM  run time 143 minutes (order T.B.A.) 
8 Second Dance, Animation 8 mins. Submitted by Howard Cook
Apparitions, Animation 5 mins. Direceted By Austin Furtak-Cole
Brother Rob, Documentary 20 mins. Directed by Sofian Khan
N.Y. Uke, Documentary 20 mins. Directed by Manon Gauthier
Thicker Than Water, Drama 14 mins. Directed by Anissa Folley
After The Torment, Drama 16 mins. Submitted by Jason OBrien
Bubblegum Smackers, Drama 17 mins. Directed by Lindsay Garvin
Balls, Comedy 7 mins. Directed by Jeremy Smith
Atroz, Comedy 10 mins. Directed by Francisco Álvarez
Coffee & Pie, Comedy 15 mins. Submitted by Andrew Stoneham

Cinema Village
22 East 12th Street (between 5th Ave & University Place)
New York, NY 10003

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