My new friend David Samuel Stern, whom I met at the Vermont Studio Center last month, recently did this portrait of me.  He took many photographs, and then wove these two together.  I find it interesting; it captures some kind of duality, or time/motion – reminiscent of Francis Bacon’s portraits, even in it’s literal hard edged grid.  I like how the image fluctuates, it almost forces me not to focus.  And in fact, while looking at it I like to actually take my eyes in and out of focus, the piece seems to encourage viewing through multiple ways of perceiving with the eye.

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2 Responses to Portrait

  1. brilliant. have seen it before by an Japanese artist, but still brilliant!

  2. heather says:

    very cool – i checked out his page, i think this portrait of you worked out the best in terms of the distortion effect. it’s somewhat in the vein of this artist whose show was recently here, and who i’m really, really interested in. http://www.openstudio.on.ca/images_site/dana-tosic.pdf

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