Tate Modern

I’ve just come back from a great trip in London, mostly spent my time seeing art at museums, galleries and art fairs.  I particularly loved the Tate Modern.  A part of this had to do with seeing a lot of paintings by favorite artists of mine that I had never seen before.  But in addition to this, I found the curation so much more inclusive and engaging. For a lot of pieces, next to the usual placards that tell you about the piece, they also had blurbs by philosophers or musicians; people of other disciplines giving their take on the piece.  I loved seeing that cross disciplinary take on the work and the openness to points of view.

 There was a great Guston I’d never seen before, called The Return .  “Discussing The Return, Guston said that he saw the forms in the picture as being like figures who had been away for some time and who were now returning – jostling each other a little as they came”  I love how he sees the living figure in abstraction in this work.

There was also a great Gerhard Richter retrospective at the Tate.  He’s never been one of my favorite painters, his work always felt a bit cold to me, but I really enjoyed the retrospective and warmed up to him a lot in seeing the show.  There was a great film of him being interviewed while they were putting up the show.


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2 Responses to Tate Modern

  1. paintlater says:

    Hi Austin
    Congratulations on your selection, your work is truly amazing. Thanks so much for sharing what you have found at the Tate too. Our National Gallery recently bought a huge red Richter. As much as I love Guston’s work they feel lifeless after watching yours breathe. I love the hints of what has gone before under the paint. So many shots of perfection worked over, you’re a brave man! Sue

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