Philip Guston’s Recklessness

If you’ve ever wondered, “what’s so great about Philip Guston?” you should read this article by Kim Krause. I think it’s dead on. It articulates his influence and importance in my own work and seems so relevant to the state of painting today.

Philip Guston’s Recklessness

I actually met Philip Guston’s daughter, Musa Mayer, a few days ago.  Those kinds of meetings never go as you think they will, but it was very nice to get a chance to meet her. If you haven’t read her book Night Studio, I highly recommend it.  It’s a very personal account of her relationship with her father.

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3 Responses to Philip Guston’s Recklessness

  1. paintlater says:

    Hi Austin. I went to New York last year looking for abstract work -there is so little over here of the big names. I went looking for De Kooning and Diebkhorn and found Phillip Guston and Cy Twombly – they were amazing. I can only imagine standing in front of those paintings now they are so different in the flesh. I grabbed that book and loved it. Fantastic, I can see his influence in your work. Cheers Sue

    • Austin says:

      There’s a big De Kooning retrospective at MOMA now, I think it will be up till January if you get a chance to get back to NYC this year. It is a huge difference to stand in front of the real paintings.

      • paintlater says:

        Wow, I would love to see them. I don’t think I can do it again so soon. We have 2 de K’s in our National Gallery in Canberra -it’s about 3 hours drive to get there -well worth it to study those colours underneath the mayhem. I went from painting out in the desert to New York but there is something really linked with Australian indigenous works and the abstract expressionsts. My fave aboriginal artist at the moment is Jan Billy-Can amazing stuff.

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