Toronto is a great city. I’ve had such a productive and interesting trip filled with a lot of great people and art.  It’s a very open and inviting place.  Heather White has been such a wonderful host and curator, and all her friends have been so inclusive and friendly towards me, I can’t thank enough.  The reception for Unfinished Business was probably the best opening I’ve ever experienced.  People seemed genuinely interested and engaged by the work and it was awesome to show with Sarah Cale, who I’m looking forward to seeing again in the Spring when she comes to the Vermont Studio Center. Today I did an interview with Art Sync which is a website that follows what’s going on in the Canadian art world.  That was exciting! I’ll be posting the interview when it comes out in the near future.  Today is my last day here, I’m planning on meeting up with my friend Laura Moore to check out her studio and maybe see some more galleries in town.  Yesterday I had a chance to meet with Bogdan Luca, who has some pretty interesting paintings.  I was actually supposed to meet with Kim Dorland this afternoon, whom I’ve mentioned a couple times on this blog, but unfortunately he had to cancel.   I’ve also been admiring all the graffiti here in Toronto, it seems like a strong part of the culture.  It’s been exciting to walk down the street and search for different pieces on the walls- and also to walk by a blank wall during the day and see it tagged a few hours later when I walked by again.  It happens so quickly.  Check out this short documentary that my friend Heather White helped create on the graffiti scene in Toronto.


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