New Colors

For as long as I’ve painted in oil I’ve stuck to a really simple pallet of six colors and white. I think I’ve had a certain stubbornness towards understanding color better by limiting my pallet and mixing everything. But recently, after a studio visit with Susanna Coffey I decided to go out and buy some new colors. I haven’t used them that much yet, and they seem related to the colors I’m used to in my pallet- like I could mix something pretty close to them, but I’ve noticed that they seem to hold onto their luminosity more than my mixed colors and it’s kind of fun to work with some new hues on my pallet. This also goes back to the idea of making the painting process more fun. I had a studio visit with Arnold Kemp today, he suggested maybe pulling some of the white out of my color and draw more in the paintings. For the last year I think I’ve been trying to develop the forms in my work, and felt my painting practice was too reliant on drawing. But I think it might be time to begin pulling from my strengths in drawing again.  Arnold also suggested getting more in touch with contemporary painters, so I can say who my work is in conversation with. This is something I really need to do, and I think I might buy some new books soon. I had an idea for a yellow ghost monotype series the other day, I’m going to Boston this week but might start hitting up the print shop when I get back.

Thanks to both Arnold and Susanna for great studio visits, and for being interesting and open people.

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2 Responses to New Colors

  1. Dan Perkins says:

    YES! about time, also I agree with the comments about white and contemporary painters, hell I could probably do the same. OH yeah, also I just returned from italia yesterday. It was awesome. Dont worry your postcard is in the mail, along with giordanne’s, and I trying to work out Maine, but my brother has some designs as well, ill keep you informed.

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