Studio Visit

It’s been awhile since I feel like I had a really good studio visit.  Yesterday I met with Ellen Driscoll who’s a sculptor.  I felt like she was able to understand what I am trying to do in my painting pretty quickly. She was also able articulate all the small overlooked thoughts that have been fumbling around in the back of my head, and put them in the forefront, as things that I need to address.

Ellen was attracted to this painting. Of everything I’ve been working on it’s the one that I’ve also been most drawn to, but I haven’t been thinking so much about why.  I’m still struggling to find a way to make it understandable to the viewer that these paintings are of figures, or people.  She pointed this out as well, and suggested that I look for things that were both intimate but also artificial.  She felt the piece above held a tension between the internal and external – that it reminded her of both a brain and a wig.  I like this idea because a lot of the time the objects I use in my paintings can feel a little too cute and easily read as simple symbols- which feels like it can illustrate an idea too easily. So, I think the rest of the summer I’m going to be working on this and trying to find more ways of exposing the figure within the abstraction.

Tomorrow is the last day of my residency at the Vermont Studio Center.  I officially become an employee on Friday.  I’ve gotten a good amount of work done, but feel that only a little less than half of it is complete.  I feel like I was expecting to get more done.  I also moved out of my Burlington studio yesterday.  It kind of forced me to take an inventory of all the paintings I have… it’s kind of depressing to lug them all around.

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2 Responses to Studio Visit

  1. paintlater says:

    I love your paintings and your blog. Great stuff!! Cheers Sue

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