All Rights Reversed

It turns out the joke was on me.  This afternoon I took a second to thank my dad for sending me the truck bed drawing- he hadn’t seen my last post.  He says, “did you get the joke?” I must have looked a little confused.  He starts chuckling and says, “I wrote copywrite 2011, all rights reserved, I thought it would be funny.”  We had a good laugh about it as I told him that I had done a blog post about the whole thing.  In my own defense it’s not unusual that he would write something like that in all seriousness, but I’m glad he has a sense of humor about it, and knew how I would react.

I stopped at home this evening to visit with my family because I had to teach my final drawing class of the term.  It’s always a little sad to end a class.  On the one hand teaching feels like a job that I go to every week, but on the other it’s this time where I’m developing relationships with people, and taking time to share my knowledge of something.  There’s a small sense of loss in it ending that I feel in my gut.  I also find it difficult saying bye to my family, whom I know I will not be seeing for the next month. I’ve lived with them over the past year and felt the difficulties of living with your parents as a grown adult, and yet it’s hard to say good bye – even if it’s only for a month.

I’m not sure what to say about this book, I bumped into it today while doing some errands.  I just found it humorous to think about which of the ten steps I might be on, or the idea that one day, after completing a ten step plan I could arrive as an artist!

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2 Responses to All Rights Reversed

  1. Francis Furtak says:

    All rights reserved. Well it’s always great to know you can still pull one off on one of your kids! I figured the “not to scale” had given it all away but I should have written “drawings not for sale”. I’m always one for a practical joke so I’m glad you enjoyed it. We had a great laugh about it.
    Some time I will share some of the jokes my kids have played on me. After all they had a great teacher. Keep up the good work. I love it! Dad

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