All Rights Reserved

Last summer when I attended a residency in Chautauqua, New York I made some large paintings, which on my drive home, ripped the roof rack off the top of my car.  After watching them float down to the highway pavement in my rearview mirror, and having to drag them back to my car as tractor trailers whizzed by I decided I would never attach paintings to the roof of my car again.  So, while at the Vermont Studio Center I decided to plan ahead before I made any really large painting.  I called my father, who owns a truck with a cap and asked him if he could give me the measurements of the truck bed.  He said yes, and the next day emailed me detailed drawings of the truck.  I was impressed with his efficiency and computer savvy. But, the thing about my father is that he’s a little paranoid, and feels it’s necessary to make sure his ‘work’ is protected by the law.  At some moments this feels a little over the top – this is one of those moments (in fact, it always seems a little ridiculous to me). Let’s just hope he doesn’t bring a law suit against me for reproducing his drawings here without his permission.  

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2 Responses to All Rights Reserved

  1. Timothy Burgher says:

    Good to know you learned from your fathers plywood on the roof story.

  2. Steve Sharp says:

    did you notice he spelled it, “reseved”?

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