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It’s funny how stepping out of your everyday routine into moments of free time almost allows your brain to be empty.  When I have a job, or a day filled with things I need to do- it feels like there is less time for the things I want to do, and in result I end up thinking about the stuff I want to do more.  But here, at this residency I don’t have to think about those things because I can do them – I have time to do them.  It puts my mind at ease, but also makes me feel as if I have less to think about- which isn’t really the case.  So far my schedule has consisted of waking mid morning, going to the library to look at books, lunch, figure drawing for three hours, yoga for an hour and a half, dinner, and then painting in the studio through the evening.  It’s lovely.  This is a lousy image of a figure drawing I did today, I feel like I’m still warming up to it. I’m eventually hoping to build the drawings up by overlapping them, or drawing them on top of each other and then go back into them to edit as a way of finding the abstract forms that are in my paintings. I’m slowly becoming more interested in having some kind of real life reference to pull from outside of my mind- like the organ, or a sweatshirt on the floor, or in this case the figure itself.

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