This painting was rushed.  My studio time has been cut back lately, mostly because I’m trying to finish this animation.  I thought I’d give the beef heart another shot tonight, by doing a cross section of it, but I really needed more time than I gave the painting. Ugh…

The animation is coming along.  I have most of it edited.  The thing that’s holding me up is getting the right kind of music and sounds recorded.  I’m collaborating with my father, who’s a guitarist, on some of the music.  He recorded something last night that I thought was really interesting, but then when I cued it up with the video it really changed things.  The chord progression he used changes into a diminished scale and in conjunction with the video it felt like this spiraling, impending death.  I showed it to him and we both agreed that things needed some adjustment, so we’re planning on working on that more tomorrow night.  We started talking a little more and he made an interesting comparison between chords and colors.  He felt they were similar in that they react with the things that surround them.  So just like when one color is against a second color, we perceive the first color differently than if it were put against a different color than the second.  In the same way, in a progression of chords, the same chord sounds different depending on the chords before and/or after it.  It’s fascinating to have these conversations with my dad because it reveals overlaps between our processes – even though we’re using different media there are lots of comparisons to be drawn.

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