Missed Connections

I google my name on a periodic basis, I find it interesting to think about what my online identity is.  I sometimes end up finding unexpected things.  Today I re-found this, which was something I knew about, but had kind of forgotten.  My friend Megan Daum made it while I was getting ready for my second solo show in graduate school (we also did an interview, which I’ve never heard).  The show was relatively well received, the major criticism seemed that some didn’t like the way I had hung it.  I don’t consider myself much of a curator though – or it’s not something I’ve spent a lot of time with.

I like this video though, perhaps for nostalgic reasons. It’s nice to see all those paintings in one room again, most of that work is elsewhere now.  I also like how the video was filmed.  The really long, one frame shots that I walk in and out of. It feels like there’s a lot of consideration, and trust in intuition.

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