Break Down

I’m writing this from a coffee shop in Concord, New Hampshire.  Last night as I was driving to Boston and the serpentine belt in my car broke, so I had to get off the highway quick.  Fortunately, my friend Julianne Gadoury lives relatively close to where I broke down, and was able to pick me up.  I’m extremely grateful for her and her fiancé’s generous hospitality.  Julianne is a printmaker, you can see more of her work at They live in a beautiful old farm house in rural New Hampshire.  From there Julianne runs a quarterly print exchange and juried publication called Wheat Farm Press.  For more information, check out

Even though breaking down is inconvenient, I don’t think I could have asked for things to have gone more smoothly than they have.  The tow truck driver, the mechanic, the cop, all people we tend not to trust or label as unlikable in society, have all been super helpful, honest and friendly.  In addition to all that, it’s a beautiful, sunny day.  I dedicate a lot of this blog to the process between my paintings, and I feel like this experience is almost analogous to that.  When driving from home to Boston or New York City I don’t usually stop and see or meet people along the way – I’m just focused on getting to my destination.  It’s almost nice to see and interact with something in between.  Or at least, I’d rather think about that than the amount of money I’m going to have to spend on my car.

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