Here are some images I took over the past few days of some oddities I found interesting and/or comical.

I took this picture while my co-worker was sleeping in the break room.  I love how at first you think it’s his arm over his eyes but then upon second look you realize it’s his sleeve.  There’s something funny about it, it abstracts his body – I’m attracted to this kind of humor in abstraction.

Another co-worker noticed this.  Due to the overlap of the magazines Vegetarian times became Wegetarian Times.  We all had a good chuckle over this one.  

This doesn’t seem as funny in retrospect, but my brother and I though this garbage can inside another garbage can was quite humorous at the time. Actually, I still find it funny.

And lastly, I look at this woman drinking her almond milk almost everyday.  The picture is on the back of this almond milk carton that I have to stock.  At first when you look you say to yourself “Hey! That woman really looks like she’s enjoying her beverage.”  But then if you step back from the image the glass she’s holding kind of disappears, except for the rim, which makes it look like she has a big gap in her front teeth.   I’m not sure how the graphic designers or photographer missed this, but it has good entertainment value.

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1 Response to Sightings

  1. jamieonline says:

    I love snapping shots like this. I’ve added a few to my blog over the past few months. I love ‘sightings’ when I’m away on trips and holidays.

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