I decided to call it quits this evening after hitting a wall.  After stepping out of my jump suit and paint shoes I gathered my things and turned around to find my painting outfit like this. I thought, this is what the paintings should be like.  Something about this reminds me of my newer work – or what I’m aiming for in the newer work.  There’s evidence of a form, but it’s almost invisible or empty and can’t really support itself.  There’s also a character to it, I feel as if my shoes and suit could almost hobble off in a strange, funny way.

I’ve come to a point in the animation I’m working on, where I’m revealing my abstract painting process and showing how the painting evolves.  This process seems to have an inherent struggle to it because I don’t know where it ends.  It’s causing me to wonder why I make things difficult for myself.  Up to this point the animation has been pretty planned and all I had to think about was painting the next frame.  The only hard part about that is that it takes time and commitment, which isn’t that big of a deal. It only tests my patience, and makes me look like an anti-social person. I keep going back to my abstract process because I like the idea of searching for something; that there is something to be pulled from nothing, or something to be pulled from the mess.

I stopped working on this painting about a week or two ago thinking it might be finished.  It kind of stares at me every day that I’m in the studio, beckoning to be painted a little more.  I’m reluctant to touch it, but I’m not convinced it’s done.  There are parts I like about it, and then other parts that feel too simple or underworked.

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