Last night, as I walked to and from the studio I crossed a parking lot where at least three hundred crows were roosting in the surrounding trees. When they heard me they flew out of the trees all at once. As they rose I could hear there feathers against the air and looking up, I could barely make out their dark marks against the black sky. It was pretty awesome. It reminded me of the moving paint marks in my current animation and of those subtle black Ad Reinhardt paintings. Funny enough, I had planned to have a flock of crows in the animation, but that proved too complicated, so I’ve narrowed it down to a single crow cameo. As I continued walking through the parking lot with the crows over head I started to hear smacking sounds and seeing white spots against the pavement. I quickly realized it was the crows raining their shit down on me. Fortunately I managed not to get hit. 

I’ve always had an affinity for crows. They have such character and potential for telling a story. I did this animation back in 2007 while I was in my first year of graduate school.

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