I got to work today, after having two days off, and found my last white board drawing altered with some political commentary.  One of my coworkers cleverly added his own witty spin to the drawing, which I found quite enjoyable.  I would have never thought to take the drawing in this direction, but feel this unexpected, organic collaboration worked out quite well.

I’ve talked to friends about collaborating before.  There is sometimes a part of me that feels  hesitant about it, I get used to being in the studio by myself and having control over what I do, but there is this other side of me that wants to take more advantage of the opportunity or potential in collaborating.  There’s a need for openness when collaborating that forces you to let go of the rigidity of your own ideas through combining them with someone else’s.  This seems both frightening and liberating to me.  A part of my practice is trying to get paint to do what I want it to do, to be in control, but I usually find that the work looses something when I control it too much or am inflexible.  A fresh eye or someone else’s perspective can sometimes help see something in a different way and open you up again.









I’ve always been very intrigued by the collaboration between Warhol and Basquiat. Those paintings seem to say so much of the relationship between control and looseness, and just on the potential of collaboration itself.

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