The Hunt

I saw this video called The Hunt by Christian Jankowski this week at the ICA in Boston.  This is a horrible reproduction, but I thought I’d post it because I found the piece quite enjoyable.  “The footage captures a segment of Jankowski’s week-long quest to eat only groceries he shoots in the supermarket with a bow and arrow.” It got me thinking about the difference between art and entertainment… I don’t think I’ll be taking a stab at trying to define that difference , but I think it’s interesting to think about how I would view this so differently if it were, say, a short skit on Saturday Night Live.  The focus would then become about entertaining and making people laugh opposed to commenting on society.  I like how Jankowski employs humor to help make his point.  I’m interested in humor in art, especially in painting- where the history of paint and painting can cause a sometimes too serious preconception about the medium.  It can be hard to view or make a painting without that history breathing down your neck, but I think humor has the potential to be another entrance point into a painting.















I also got to check out I am who I am. The portrait reconsidered at Steven Zevitas Gallery. The work of Peter Ophiem stuck out (see above).  He paints from models he makes from plasticine clay.  I like how paints mass, I’ve been struggling with that some in my own work lately.  

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